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British Gas to Create 300 Contact Centre Jobs

Utility company British Gas, which is owned by Centrica has announced plans to create 300 new jobs at contact centres around the United Kingdom. Almost 90 roles will be created in Cardiff, with a further 80 jobs being divided between Scottish centres in Edinburgh and Uddingston. The

Wessex Water Flood Prevention Measurements Could Take 10 Years

Arrangements that would help prevent flooding could take anywhere up to ten years, town councillors in the Ringwood area have been told. A manager for the Wessex Water sewerage planning department gave members of the council an update on the outlined improvement scheme for Ringwood. He said

Thames Water Supply Cut in Reading for Third Time

Residents in the area of Reading found themselves without a supply of mains water for the third time in less than a month. Supplier Thames Water said that up to around 80 homes in the Shinfield vicinity experienced problems at around 3AM in July as a result

Energy Myths Busted By British Gas

British Gas says that are plenty of tricks that we hear about to help save energy, but do they really work? The company aims to bust the famous energy myths once and for all. Using electricity at night is cheaper: Unless your home is fitted with an

Tax Free Profits for Thames Water

Utility company Thames Water‘s profits increased by an enormous 79% last year. However, once again the London based firm did not pay any Corporation Tax despite making a pre-tax profit of £259 million. Thames Water, who increased customer bills earlier this year, received a tax credit of

British Gas Backs Community Solar Project

Recently, the Government’s community energy strategy benefited from a major boost after British Gas signed a deal worth up to £60 million which could see it install solar panels on up to 8000 rooftops across the UK. In an exciting new partnership, British Gas Solar, the solar

Northumbrian Water Refuses to Help Landlord

Utility company Northumbrian Water are refusing to help a landlord who needs to repair damage to his property that he claims was obtained after a leak. If you’d like to avoid dealing with these problems yourself, search for local companies who could for example property management companies

Untreated Sewage Discharge Costs Thames Water £170,000

A penstock gate which was jammed and a failed bypass which blocked a sewer has cost water supplier Thames Water £169,045 in costs after it polluted the River Crane and the Duke of Northumberland’s River in London. Isleworth crown court chose to fine the company £75,000 and

Northumbrian Water Begins Flood Protection Work

The latest phase of flood protection work by Northumbrian Water has began in a town street in Durham. The work will reduce the risk of flooding to 120 businesses and homes in Chester-le-Street. It will begin in July with a £2.7 million sewer network upgrade in order to reduce

Welsh Homes to Receive £6 million Eco Boost from SWALEC

Utility provider SWALEC which is part of SSE is going to help more Welsh homes reduce their energy use with over £6 million of funding becoming available for external wall insulation through the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme in 2014/15. SWALEC has already funded and installed

How to Save Water

It can be difficult to calculate whether you’re getting the best for your money on your water bills. However, you could also be wasting water without realising, which will push your bills up a drastic amount. If you are interested in keeping the bills down, you might

British Gas to Compensate Customers for Mis-Selling

Utility company British Gas is expected to compensate more than 4000 customers for mis-selling because it exaggerated the savings they would make by switching to one of its tariffs. The money will be paid out to 4,300 customers who signed up to Sainsbury’s Energy and British Gas

Wessex Water Increases Hours in Bid to Finish Water Works

Long months of frustration could soon be coming to the end for commuters, shoppers and business owners who have been left angry with horrendous traffic jams throughout Taunton, Somerset as Wessex Water has announced that it is working extra hours on its scheme to renew old water