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News Roundup: Sewerage, Health, Customers and Wind Farms

Welsh Water Extends Sewage Network Study Four months after appointing a contractor to deliver a smart sewer network monitoring pilot, Welsh Water has announced that it will be extending the current study which is based around the village of Llay near Wrexham so that it will now

News Roundup: Poo Power, Sales and Investments

Northumbrian Water to supply energy using ‘poo power’ Water company Severn Trent says that Northumbrian Water will soon join it in providing gas for heating and cooking to the National Grid by using ‘poo power’. The biomethane will be produced by breaking down sludge from a sewer

News Roundup: Customer Service and Court Cases

Scottish Power one of the worst companies for customer service Scottish Power customer service has been named even worse than the notoriously bad Ryanair. Earlier this year, the company was ordered to pay a £750,000 penalty for hitting customers who choose to pay their bills with cash

EDF Shuts Two Nuclear Power Stations

Electricity company EDF has temporarily closed two of its nuclear power stations, Heysham 1 and Hartlepool. This is a precautionary measure after it found a defect back in June in one of the boilers at Heysham. The problem was first discovered during a regular boiler inspection, which

Thames Water Challenged Over Super Sewer Costs

Regulator Ofwat has said that utility company Thames Water has so far failed to justify half of its initial spending plans for the London super sewer project. As a result of this, Ofwat is demanding that the company provide more information to explain proposals for a further

United Utilities Urge Residents To Join The Pump Hunt

Homeowners are being urged to join United Utilities on a pump hunt. The utility provider wants homeowners to help them find thousands of missing private pumping stations which are used for transporting waste water from homes to the local sewage treatment works. Manhole covers, metal cabinets or

Yorkshire Water To Start £3m Project

Yorkshire Water is set to begin a £2.9 million project in Scotton near Knaresborough in order to help reduce the risk of flooding from sewers to local homes. Engineering company Mott MacDonald Bentley will carry out the work on behalf of Yorkshire Water. The work will involve

Warmer Weather Hits British Gas Profits

British Gas has reported a steep drop in profits following the recent spell of warmer weather. Residential supply operating profit fell by a quarter to £265 million, parent company Centrica said. Overall operating profit was down 35% to just over a billion. Centrica said that as a

Thames Water Fined Over Street Works

Water company Thames Water has been fined for failing to correctly give notice of street works to West Berkshire Council. The street works caused major traffic delays in the area. Thames Water pleaded guilty to two offences under the Roads and Street Works Act 1991 at Newbury

British Gas and Ofgem Are Set To Clash

According to recent reports, it is anticipated that the parent company of British Gas, Centrica, is to announce a drop in profits fairly soon. Insiders are expecting that this announcement will come on the same day that energy industry regulator Ofgem will publish data stating that earnings

Protest Organised Against South West Water Sewage Spill

A demonstration has been organised to force South West Water to stop releasing untreated sewage at a beauty spot in West Cornwall. Campaign action group Surfers Against Sewage and local residents have teamed up to protest against the company next week at Godrevy beach from 2pm. The