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5% Of Private Renters Suffer From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

ne out of every twenty private renters in Scotland claim that they have suffered carbon monoxide in their home over the last five years. This is according to research carried out for the energy supplier Scottish Gas and Shelter Scotland. Two-fifths of those who were surveyed said

Yorkshire Denies Not Paying Corporations Tax

he utility provider Yorkshire Water has been accused of exploiting UK tax laws. It allegedly pays no corporation tax despite making over £185 million in profits. The claims were made by Yorkshire MPs who have held a meeting with the utility company at the House Of Commons in

Southern Electric To Compensate Homes Hit By Power Cut

egional provider Southern Electric have revealed that they will compensate customers on the south coast of England whose homes and businesses were hit by power cuts over the Christmas period. The losses of power happened during the severe storms that the coast suffered at the end of

Scottish Gas Warns Investigation Could Risk Blackouts

nergy suppliers in the United Kingdom including Scottish Gas are warning that an investigation into the market could increase the chances of black outs. The investigation in question is a full scale inquiry into the industry following fears about the dominance of the Big Six and the

Yorkshire Water Completes £110m Water Quality Project

project to improve the water quality around ten Yorkshire beaches costing over £110 million has finally been completed. The project involved the building and implementation of high tech water equipment that is now being turned on at sites such as Bridlingtom, Scarborough,  Flamborough and Skipsea. Yorkshire Water

Angry Customers Say Scottish Power Is Holding On To Credit

Scottish Power is receiving a lot of complaints from customers who claim the utility company is holding on to cash they are owed. Some have contacted the Guardian newspaper’s money section to accuse the energy provider, which serves over 3.5 million homes in the United Kingdom, failures

Yorkshire Water Reservoir Plan Rejected, Company To Appeal

An application to reconstruct parts of a Victorian reservoir in West Yorkshire that is owned by Yorkshire Water has been rejected by local councilors. The reservoir, called Butterley Reservoir, is located near Marsden. It was built between 1891 and 1906 to help prevent overflows caused by periods