Anglian Water In Talks With Norwich City Council Following Flash Floods

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Anglian Water is currently in talks with Norwich City Council, following floods that caused damage to roads and businesses.

The torrent of rainfall that hit the city earlier this week left several roads and businesses flooded, with some areas seeing more than 40mm during the nightmare period. Anglian Water said its systems had been ‘overwhelmed’ by the sudden downpour, which it claimed fell within a concentrated period of time.

The water supplier provides drinking water to the East of England including parts of Buckinghamsire; Cambridgeshire; Essex; Norfolk and Northamtonshire. It also delivers drainage and sewage services to a wider area between Humber in the north and River Thames in the south, as well as a small part of Greater London and Upminster.

Anglian is now currently in talks with Norwich’s local council to determine the exact cause of the flooding and strategies to ensure the disaster does not happen again.

A spokesman from Anglian said,

“We umderstand how devastating any form of flooding is to homes and businesses, and our teams are working with customers to help clean up any flooding and return things to normal.”

He added that Anglian had drafted in extra staff and that maintenance teams across Norfolk were working around the clock and on their days off to get the damage cleared.

Meanwhile, Norwich City Council runs a regular maintenance programme, which generally helps to reduce the risk of gullies becoming blocked and causing flooding. A spokesman said it was not yet clear whether the flooding was down to blockages in the gullies of if a problem further down in the sewer system was to blame. While the gullies are the property of the City Council, the sewer systems on the other hand belong to Anglian Water.

Weatherquest dismissed Anglian’s suggestions that the heavy rainfall was anything other than ordinary.

“It seems like a lot of rain but we can get that in half an hour in some summer thunderstorms,” a Weatherquest rep said. “It was wet, but it was not exceptional.”

Following the recent floods, the Environment Agency has issued further flood warnings for the region over the next few days. These have been  issued for the River Bure, the Spixworth Beck, the Rover Waveney from Diss to Ellingham, and the River Stiffkey from Great Walsingham to Stiffkey.

They also include the Rivers Deben and Lark, the Rattlesden River and the River Gipping.

The alerts are currently low-level, but residents and businesses have been advised to keep an eye on local water levels and weather conditions and forecasts.

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