£44m Anglian Water Reservoir Is Now In Action

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Anglian-water-contact-phone-numberA brand new reservoir and water facility that cost £44 million to build has officially turned on its taps and is now in action. The facility, Hall Water Treatment Works which is located close to Newton On Trent, will provide 20 million litres of high quality drinking water to Lincoln based homes and businesses.

Hall Water Treatment Works will use UV light technology to purify water that was once previously unable to treat. It will also see river water pumped two kilometers to a brand new 20 acre reservoir that has just finished construction. The reservoir, which is roughly the size of 11 football pitches, will hold 300 million litres of water. From this reservoir, 20 million litres of water will be treated and supplied to south Lincolnshire homes and businesses.

The reservoir and water facility was opened by Mr. Tony Worth, who is Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire, on Wednesday 2nd July. The event was also attended by members of the Lincolnshire County Council and Chamber Of Commerce. The water will begin reaching homes and businesses in Lincoln two weeks from its opening date.

Peter Simpson, the Chief Executive of Anglian Water, whose company built the water treatment facility, said:

Between now and the end of the decade, Lincolnshire is expected to continue to grow at a faster rate than the national average. For this county to continue to grow, and for its businesses to continue to prosper, it’s vital that services like water are readily available to the communities and businesses which rely on them.
Investments like this should give people confidence that Lincolnshire will remain an attractive place in which to live and do business for many years to come. We’re committed to playing our part in securing the region’s future by making investments like this. Hall Water Treatment Works is a major part of our £327 million investment in the county’s water and water recycling infrastructure between 2010 and 2015.

The name Hall is in honour of Gavin Hall, a respected member of Anglian Water’s team who worked on the water plant but passed away before its completion. Family and friends of Gavin Hall were in attendance at its opening.

The construction began 18 months ago after work was approved in April 2012. It included a large pumping station, pipes of 4 kilometers in length and ultra violent lights that can disinfect water passing through.

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