UK Power Networks

Contact UK Power Networks to reach the distribution network operator. UK Power Networks manages 3 electricity distribution networks in South East England, London, and East England. These are South Eastern Power Networks PLC, London Power Networks PLC, and Eastern Power Networks PLC. They serve around 8 million customers

Which energy companies are collapsing in August 2019?

It seems like every few months now another small energy supplier who you might not even have heard is in the headlines. There are many complaints from both energy suppliers and their customers about how the industry is regulated. The problems affecting the sector may be getting

Ofgem Price Cap Changes to Lower Energy Bills

The regulator of the energy industry in the UK, Ofgem, has announced the lowering of their price cap in October. This is good news for around 11 million households, who will see lower energy bills this winter. Another 4 million will benefit from a separate cap on

Scottish Power Lost Gas Card

If you have lost your Scottish Power Gas Card there are multiple ways you can receive a new replacement card. You will first need to report it to Scottish Power and then they will organise with you for you to receive a replacement. You can find out

How to Join British Gas

If you’re looking to join British Gas you can follow the guide below to find out the different ways you can join. British Gas is a gas and electricity supplier in the UK providing services to home all across Britia. Call British Gas to join If can

Scottish Power Submit Meter Reading

If you would like to find out how to submit meter readings with Scottish Power you can follow the handy guide below to find out the different methods to submit your meter readings. Submit meter reading via app If you would like to submit your meter reading

EDF Lost Gas Card – What To Do

If you have lost your EDF gas card or it has stopped working you can follow the instructions on the guide below to find out what you need to do to report your gas card as lost and how to get a replacement card. How to report

EDF Smart Meter Not Working – What To Do

If you think your EDF smart meter has stopped working you can follow the steps on the guide below to help you get it working again or how to get in touch with EDF to organise a repair or a new smart meter to be sent to

British Gas Electric Key Not Working – What To Do

If your British Gas electricity key has stopped working it can be a real inconvenience, you can find out with this handy guide below how to report your key as not working, receive a replacement key and how to access emergency credit whilst you’re waiting to get

How to Join British Gas

British Gas is the largest energy supplier in the UK. If you would like British Gas to supply your property, you can call them on 0333 202 9802 to discuss it. This guide will tell you how to join British Gas across their range of services as a

SSE Pay Bill Guide

If you are an SSE customer, then there are lots of ways that you can pay for your energy bill. You can choose the most convenient payment method according to your circumstances. Any time that you want to change your payment method, you can contact SSE to

All the ways you can top up your British Gas card

There are multiple ways you can top up your British Gas energy card and ensure that your home is covered with credit for keeping your home warm, light your home, and your water is sufficiently heated through. When topping up your British Gas card you need to

How to Reduce Electricity Bill

The cost of energy just keeps going up, which means that every household will end up paying more and more for electricity year after year. Budgets are already tight for many people. It is necessary to find ways to cut back on energy usage and bring down