Economy Energy Customers Saved By Ovo Energy

Things were looking dire for Economy Energy, so the announcement that it will no longer be trading isn’t too surprising. As 2018 drew to a close, many Economy Energy customers were sharing complaints about price increases and missing refunds. Investigations found that the energy supplier’s losses were

How to Top-Up Your Energy With Utilita

If you would like to find out how to top up your energy with Utilita vis SMS, online or their app you can find out by reading the guide below. You can also contact Utilita on the phone number 0843 816 6753. When you phone this number they can offer the best solution

Castle Water

0844 257 4553 Contact Castle Water on 0844 257 4553 if you require assistance with your business account with them. Castle Water is a leading independent water supplier in the UK. They supply water and sewerage services to businesses throughout England and Scotland. This includes public bodies

When To Turn Your Heating On

Deciding when to turn your heating back on after the summer can be confusing as there are lots of factors to think of, money, the outside temperature and whether it’s socially acceptable yet. Follow the guide below to find out when is the best time to turn

Budget Energy

0844 257 4450 Contact Budget Energy on 0844 257 4450 to get help from their customer services team. In 2011, Budget Energy formed with the aim of giving energy customers in Northern Ireland a more cost-effective choice of supplier. Homes, businesses, and farms can choose the best tariff

How to Activate Emergency Credit on Electric Meter

If you’re running out of credit on your electric meter and need to activate emergency credit you can find out how to activate it with some of the leading providers below. Emergency credit is usually £5 and you must pay it back. British Gas Emergency Credit With

Energy Switch Cashback Deals

Clever consumers will know that they should always shop around to find the best tariffs for their energy. When it’s time to renew, switching suppliers can save you money. But did you know that you can get some extra money on top of reducing your energy bill?

Lost Electric Key – What To Do

If you have lost your electricity key, the process of getting another key is different depending on which provider you’re with. You can find out the process for popular providers on this guide below. Lost Electric Key EDF If your provider is EDF and you have lost

EDF: Submit Meter Reading By Phone

One of the main reasons people get smart meters fitted into their homes is to save money on their bills, they can do this by providing regular readings to their providers to give them accurate bills. You can find out how to give EDF your smart meter

EDF: What Is The Warm Home Discount?

If you’re wondering what the EDF warm home discount is or you would like to know if you’re eligible you can find out by reading the guide below. What Is The Warm Home Discount? The warm home discount is a government scheme that is currently on its

Pros and Cons of Smart Meters

By now everybody will have heard about new smart meters for gas and electricity. The UK government is backing the rollout of smart meters because they are upgrading out-of-date infrastructure and making energy use and billing more efficient all around. They are hoping for energy suppliers to

How to Bring Down Energy Bills in Winter

As temperatures drop and it gets darker for more hours of the day, our energy bills go up. We stay indoors more to avoid the cold and keep the heating and the lights on for longer. It may be cosy, but doing this all winter will cost

What to Do With Overcharged Energy Bills

Energy suppliers are consistently the worst companies at billing customers accurately. Gas and electricity suppliers incorrectly bill 2 out of 10 households. To make things worse, over 10% of them will experience this more than once. The government regulatory body Ofgem has been issuing millions of pounds’

A Guide to Topping Up With SSE

Many consumers prefer to budget their energy usage with the installation of a prepayment meter. These Pay As You Go meters allow customers to pre-pay for their energy before they use it. SSE is one of the energy suppliers offering Pay As You Go billing. They won’t

SSE Airtricity

0844 257 4419 Contact SSE Airtricity on 0844 257 4419. Founded in Ireland in 1997 as Eirtricity, it is a wind farm developer which operates internationally. It rebranded as Airtricity in 2002 then as SSE Airtricity in 2014, under SSE plc. SSE operates 28 onshore wind farms,